Top 3 Elements of Key West Style Architecture

Key West architecture

Due to its close proximity to the Keys, it is no surprise Key West style homes are popular in South Florida. Our Fort Lauderdale home builders and Miami home builders have created numerous custom homes in the Key West architecture style from the ground up. With their bright pastel colors and cottage-like look, these types of homes fit easily into the South Florida landscape.

What Is Key West Style Architecture?

When you think of the homes in the Florida Keys and Key West specifically, vintage cottages with ornate latticework likely come to mind. The colorful two-story homes and conch houses have become ubiquitous to Key West’s historic districts. So, the question then becomes, why would South Florida residents want to replicate that seemingly dated look in their brand-new custom home construction? The answer: Key West architecture style, when done right, perfectly balances classic and contemporary.

Modernizing Elements of Key West Style Architecture

Builders including our very own South Florida custom home builders at HART Homes have found a way to modernize Key West style architecture and elevate it past mere imitation. The homes we create in this style are undeniably contemporary, yet they retain that recognizable charm of a Key West cottage or conch house. They achieve this by borrowing elements of Key West style in our home plans and designs. Here are the top three, must-have elements for a Key West style build.

Bright Colored Exteriors

Walk down the historic districts of Key West and your eyes will be treated with an array of brightly colored homes – from pastel hues to attention-grabbing magenta, turquoise, and butter yellow. While contemporary home builders will typically take a more subtle approach and stick with pastels, a color exterior is still one of the most popular elements of Key West style. New homes will balance colorful walls with neutral columns and shutters, while homes painted a neutral shade will rely on shutters and balconies for a pop of color.

Wrap-Around Verandahs

Year-round warm weather meant Key West residents historically gravitated to outdoor living spaces and their homes reflected that. The majority of old Key West homes are two-story cottages with wrap-around verandahs found on both floors. Builders today will incorporate that iconic structural element by designing spacious, covered porches and balconies into home plans. While a full-on wrap-around verandah isn’t as common, there is plenty of room for living alfresco.

Decorative Shutters

Hurricanes and tropical storms are common in the Florida Keys and residents have relied on strong shutters to protect their real estate for hundreds of years. In today’s world of hurricane impact windows, shutters are no longer as useful. Still, Key West style builders retain the classic look of a cottage or conch house by incorporating decorative shutters into their designs. Don’t worry about your home looking outdated, our builders will utilize louvered shutters and Bahamas shutters in a way that is fresh and new!

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