4 Essential French Country Architecture Characteristics

Characteristics of French Countryside

Even if its nestled in topical South Florida, a French Countryside style home will always conjure up images of purple lavender fields, old stone villages, humble vineyards, and open-air produce markets. French County architecture has the power to do that with its distinct design – a mix of rustic charm and refined elegance.

Homeowners all over the United States opt for French County design when creating their custom-built homes. When it feels like you are living in a provincial French estate even when you are in the middle of Fort Lauderdale, it’s easy to see why so many choose this unique style. Living la vie en rose indeed!

What Is French Country Design?

French country architecture is inspired by the grand and stately homes that are found throughout the countryside landscape of the Provence region of France. A balanced mix of classic luxury and provincial freshness, French Country design conveys timeless elegance without feeling stuffy or overindulgent. It achieves perfect imperfection, embracing Old-World charm and relaxed sensibilities that are perfect for modern tastes.

When building a home in this style, our luxury home builders typically include the following elements. These are four essential French Country architecture characteristics that’ll you’ll find in almost any home built in this style.

French Countryside Style Home

1.      Neutral and Warm Colors

The exterior color palette is made up of mostly natural and neutral colors. While the white and light gray of natural stone is very common, some homes opt for warmer tones like beige, butter yellow, and soft gold. Clay tiled roofs are typically grey or warm brown. Pops of color in shades like cobalt blue, mint green, and soft ocean tones are reserved for doors and decorative shutters.

2.      Natural Materials

We’ve already mentioned natural stone, but one of the defining French Country architecture characteristics is the use of natural materials. Roughly stained or painted plaster walls, exposed wood detailing, stone tiles, and hardwood floors. Thick knitted fabrics like wool, cotton rugs, and greenery add the finishing touches.

3.      Exposed Architectural Features

In keeping up with the natural and relaxed theme, French Country design balances stately luxury with a more informal, rustic feel with exposed architectural elements. Exposed wood beams are very common. These beams aren’t usually finished or covered in varnish; instead, they preserve a raw and distressed look. Plaster walls aren’t perfectly flat; instead, they are applied in irregular layers. Roof overhangs supported by wooden brackets also provide added interest in a home’s exterior.

4.      Tall Windows & Rounded Arches

A French Country home will typically feature tall sash windows and French doors. Ideally, these should lead out to fragrant flower and herb gardens. Eyebrow arched windows, as well as arched doors, are also recognizable French Country architecture characteristics.

As part of our custom home construction portfolio, our Fort Lauderdale home builders have experience creating French Country luxury homes in some of South Florida’s most affluent neighborhoods. Contact us to find out how HART Homes can make your dream home come true!

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