Modern Architecture vs. Contemporary Architecture

Modern Vs. Contemporary Architecture: What’s The Difference?

The terms modern and contemporary are sometimes used interchangeably when describing a home’s design. Indeed, our own South Florida custom home builders at HART Homes combined these two terms when referring to a category of custom-built homes we’ve completed – we call them modern contemporary homes. That’s not technically the correct term. Modern architecture and […]
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Contemporary Architecture Characteristics

What Are Common Contemporary Architecture Characteristics?

The term contemporary architecture is somewhat nebulous since it doesn’t refer to a specific architectural movement like Classical architectures or Baroque architecture for example. Contemporary architecture refers to the architectural style of the present day. As a result, contemporary architecture homes encompass a variety of different styles and standards. Perhaps after some time has past […]
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Steps Of The Homebuilding Process

When it comes to custom built homes, the top South Florida Developers at Hart Homes understand the importance of taking the process step by step. Building your dream home can be overwhelming, however, if you have a solid understanding of the process you will become more excited to see the finished product. You will be […]
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Top Neighborhoods For A Custom Home Build

Whether you’re planning on buying a house or investing in a custom-built home, it’s possible to get the most bang for your buck upon doing the proper research. People have different wants, needs, and reasons as to where they settle down and choose to build their home. HART Homes, luxury home builders in South Florida, […]
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Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder

Custom home building gives you the opportunity to build a home that fits all your unique specifications. To build your dream home, your voice needs to be heard. That’s why choosing the right customer home builder is an important decision. The professionals at Hart Homes, your premier custom home builders in South Florida, have compiled […]
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South Florida Code Violations To Know About

As premier custom home developers in South Florida, our team at HART Homes understands that following Florida’s building codes is of the utmost importance. The building codes of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties lay out some pretty strict construction requirements for new buildings to ensure structural soundness and the safety of any future inhabitants. When […]
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