How to Work With an Architect and Contractor When Building Your Home

How to Work With an Architect and Contractor

The home building process is a complex one and it can only be accomplished through a group effort. Multiple parties are involved in creating the home of your dreams. When constructing a luxury home, in most cases, your South Florida custom home builders will collaborate with your architect throughout the custom home construction process.

This seems like a set up that will lead to conflicts and stepped toes. However, if you familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of each party and take steps to avoid potential conflicts, the relationship between you, your architect, and your contractor can be a very good one.

The Role of Architect, Owner, and Contractor

Defining roles at the beginning of the home building process is an incredibly important first step. Take some time to clearly define the responsibilities and involvement of your architect, contractor, and even yourself as the owner.

  • Owner – Homeowners and clients have specific expectations, goals, and desires for their custom-built home. They will also have a specific budget they will use toward the construction of their home.
  • Architect – Architects propose design plans that accommodate owner requirements and meet building code. They will also provide detailed drawings and blueprints for contractors to follow.
  • Contractor – Contractors are expert craftsmen with the experience to manage a construction project and build a home as designed and documented in the architect’s drawings.


Avoid Conflict Between Architect and Contractor

If you are planning to be significantly involved in the building process, you can have more direct communication with both your architect and contractor. Try to consistently communicate with both parties and keep them in the loop for any new requests or changes.

If you are leaving most of the major decision-making to your architect, then emphasizing a hierarchy between parties is necessary. Have your architect act as your representative. Communicate your expectations and needs to contractors through your architect, not directly. Establishing a clear hierarchy helps avoid conflict between your architect and contractor.

As Miami home builders, our contractors at HART Homes have worked closely with many architects in South Florida. We have our own network of preferred architects that we often work with, but we also collaborate with professionals outside that network.

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