Steps Of The Homebuilding Process

When it comes to custom built homes, the top South Florida Developers at Hart Homes understand the importance of taking the process step by step. Building your dream home can be overwhelming, however, if you have a solid understanding of the process you will become more excited to see the finished product. You will be able to understand all that goes into building a new home from start to finish and you will truly be able to enjoy the homebuilding process and journey. Hart Homes shares with you the step by step home building process and all aspects of custom built homes. ​

Step 1: Site Preparation and Foundation Creation
Preparing the site is the first step in the homebuilding process and it’s an important component to the foundation of your new home. The building crew will clear the site of any debris and starts to create the template for the foundation. Footings are installed during this process and the concrete is now poured to secure the foundation.

Step 2: Construct the Framing
The shell of the home will be created during the framing process and this stage is a really exciting step in the homebuilding process. You will be able to visualize the layout as the exterior walls and roof are now installed.

Step 3: Rough Ins-Plumbing and Electrical Installed
At this phase, the electrical and plumbing pipes are now installed through the interior walls and floors. It’s so important that this stage is completed properly and with care. The heating and air conditioner systems are also installed during this step of the homebuilding process.

Step 4: Install Insulation and Complete Drywall Process
Most new homes are insulated in all exterior walls and proper insulation will allow for a reliable climate inside your home. Drywall is now hung throughout your home after proper inspections have been completed. It is now time for contractors to start installing exterior finishes. These finishes can be a combination of brick, concrete and wood to name a few.

Step 5: Interior Finishes
Now it’s time to start installing interior doors and hanging cabinets throughout your home. This will also be the stage where the flooring is put in place and the window sills and moldings if applicable are completed.

Step 6: Install Final Interior Fixtures
During this phase all countertops and light fixtures are installed. Sinks and toilets are now put in place and final fixtures are installed.

Step 7: Landscaping and Final Walkthrough
We can’t forget about the aesthetic of the outside of your home. This phase includes planting tress and grass to brighten up the landscape and essentially complete your home build. Now that your home is finished, your builder will walk you through your home to get you acquainted with all features and this is definitely the moment where you realize that the whole process was worth it!

​ By having a better understanding of your homebuilding process, you can become more excited to get involved at each stage. If you are contemplating a custom home build, contact our Fort Lauderdale home builders for more information on why you should build your dream home with our team of developers.

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