How To Find The Best Property For Your Custom Home Build

The opportunity to build your dream house is made easy with the top south Florida developers at Hart Homes. It’s choosing the perfect piece of land that might be a bit of a challenge. How can you ensure you’re choosing a great spot that will make custom home building easy and stress-free? Since this is one of the most important decisions in the construction process, Hart Homes can share some advice for selecting the right property to build on.

Establish Your Priorities
It’s important to know what you’re looking for before you begin the search. Start with the geography. Think about the area you want to live in. How far are you willing to move from where you are now? Do you want to live closer to your job or family members? Do you want to live right near the water, or are you more interested in owning property inland? Do you want to live closer to a downtown area, or in a quieter neighborhood? Which schools would you like to be close to? Consider the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family – not just for now but for years to come.

Look in an Already Distinguished Neighborhood
A quick and easy way to find a buildable lot is to look in an area that is already established. While some prefer to build their own home on a more secluded plot, a neighborhood that is already established means the area has proven to be a healthy area to build on with relatively minimal problems. It is also likely that your custom home building team is already familiar with the area, which can make the process smoother.

Enlist Help
A home developer, a real estate agent, and a civil engineer have a lot to offer when it comes to ensuring the property you’re interested in is going to serve you the way you expect it to. If you don’t already have a South Florida developer, it’s time to call Hart Homes. Our expert home builders can help you when it comes down to the tough stuff, like finding out what utilities service the property, whether or not a road needs to be built, how the sewage will be handled, if you should be concerned about floods, or other hazards. We can also help our clients get zoning approvals and proper permits for construction at their dream location.

Get a Feel for the Area
Drive around the area a few times to see if you can see yourself living there. Even visit at different hours to see how traffic pans out at rush hour, and if noise will become an issue.  Ask around and talk to the neighbors; It can’t hurt to talk to them about any issues they’ve had with their plot, or see how they’re enjoying the area.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect piece of property, bring your dream home to life with Hart Homes. Our Fort Lauderdale home builders can help you through each step of the building process, with your satisfaction guaranteed. ​

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