5 Ideas For Custom Built Homes

Living area of contemporary home in Rio Vista, Fort Lauderdale

The best thing about building your own home completely from scratch? You have control over everything! You have the freedom to customize every room and every fixture in your new custom-built home. Here are five cool ideas to include when you are constructing your new custom-built home.

1. Radiant-Heated Floors

Even though Florida does not have the harshest winters, having heated floors is still a luxury you may want to have. Especially in the cooler rooms of your house like your bedrooms and bathrooms. To get radiant-heated floors, your builder will install thermostat-controlled mesh-and-wire mats under your tiles. Then, you can enjoy toasty floors whenever you want.

2. On-Demand Water Heater

An on-demand water heater is a space and energy saver. This type of water heater is tankless and only heats water when you need it, not continuously like most typical water heaters. With an on-demand water heater, you’ll always have warm water when you need it. You’ll be able to enjoy long luxurious hot showers without the risk of running out of warm water half way through.

3. Under-Cabinet Outlets

Instead of having only a few outlets installed into the kitchen backsplash, install a strip of numerous outlets right underneath your cabinets. With under-cabinet outlets, there’ll be more places to plug in your electronics like your coffee maker, blender, and even your tablet or cellphone. So, no more tangled masses of wires at the back of your countertops. Our luxury home builders in South Florida can include the perfect kitchen features.

4. Sun Tunnels

Even if your house is full of large windows, there’s always some spots that remain in the shadows all day long. If there is a corridor or powder room in your new home that needs a little bit more light, install a sun tunnel into the ceiling and roof.

5. Butcher Block Countertops

Want a fresh natural look in your kitchen with the benefit of full functionality? Use thick wood butcher block material for your countertops or kitchen island. Butcher block countertops, especially those covered in a light varnish, play up a kitchen’s modern minimalistic aesthetic. You can also reserve some countertop space and use it as a cutting board and prep area.

Once you’re ready to start on your custom-built home, you’ll have to find the right builders to take on your project. HART Homes is the premiere luxury home builder in South Florida. Our home builders have completed luxury projects throughout Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and beyond. Trust our luxury home builders to make your dream South Florida house a reality!

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