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South Florida Homeowners Love Victorian Style Homes

Although the architectural styles of many South Florida homes are dominantly coastal and modern, homeowners can set their lifestyle and living space apart with superfluous and ornate design of a custom, charming Victorian home with Hart Homes.

Hart Homes is a Victorian style home builder in South Florida with 28 years of building experience. With expertise in customizing beautifully designed homes and an attention to detail that is second to none, homeowners can experience their visions come to life. 

What encompasses a Victorian style home? 

Originating in the 1800s, this style home is still popular in big cities and small towns nationwide. Experts in home building and design say this style is in everlasting high demand, due to its uniqueness, it’s durability, and overall appeal. This architectural design steals the hearts of many with its wide range of style and attention to detail.

A Victorian style home is ornate, and stands tall. It bears character and variation from top the bottom. It features the following:

  • Non-traditional shapes and designs, unlike the squares and rectangles of most houses we see today.
  • Steeper roof shapes, and complex roof lines.
  • High, impressive designs, imaginative patterns, and brilliant colors characterize Victorian style homes.
  • Varying patterns and shapes create an impressive visual effect, along with colorful exterior paint that sets the home apart from the “drab” design of the surrounding white, brown, and neutral toned houses.  
  • Common exterior architectural elements of a Victorian home include well-crafted spindles, brackets, and decorative trim. Many homes of this architectural style have an asymmetrical exterior, with features such as a grand porch, and a front gable.
  • Homeowners can choose between brick and stone walls, complimented by wood siding features, or they can implement unique stained-glass windows and doorways for added appeal.
  • The windows of most Victorian homes are distinctive, ranging in size depending on which story they fall on. Designers often opt for decorative carvings in window sills to add character.
  • The floor plans of this particular style almost always contain at least two stories, with cozy nooks, multiple bedrooms, spacious parlors, second-floor balconies, double doors, intricate stairways, and trim. Additionally, you will find high ceilings, deep archways, and carved woodwork throughout. 

Victorian homes are nothing short of an ornate and complicated design, which requires complete expertise on behalf of the home builder. Customization is the hallmark of a Victorian home, and no two Victorian homes look the same. When you design your dream home with the custom builders at Hart Homes, you can set your dream home apart with distinction.   

Living in the heart of the tropical and metropolitan neighborhoods of South Florida should not limit the style of your home.  Those with a preference for the romance, history, and architectural interest of a charming Victorian home can customize the house of their dreams with Hart Homes, a Victorian style home builder in South Florida.  When you collaborate with Hart Homes to create the home of your dreams, we ensure that your ideas and imagination are translated appropriately for complete satisfaction. 

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