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The Difference is in the Details


We take great pride in the reputation we developed over years of breathtaking design and service. 

"I am a partner in a major law firm in Fort Lauderdale. My partners have had numerous homes built for clients with great disappointments. They made it clear to me to add a liquidated damages clause to our contract. In the end, no liquidated damages were paid! Hart Homes made every deadline and completed the project on time and on budget. I highly recommend their services."


"Garrick introduced us to a top design firm. Our new home construction process moved along on schedule at a smooth rate. Our home is so large with so many details. Hart Homes planned every detail -- before beginning the building process. Midway through construction, we already had decided on all details such as wall treatments, lighting, kitchen appliances, furniture, and even bed linens -- it's a great feeling to know every detail is completed in advance. This level of service provided by Hart Homes makes me very comfortable. I couldn't be happier."

- Jeniva.

​"We spent two years paying for plans that did not meet our basic program requirements. When we met with Hart Homes, they actually listened to what we wanted and nailed it the first time."

- Shawn & Jamie

​"Working with Garrick and Michael has exceeded all my expectations. The continuous personal service Hart Homes provides is incredible. I have friends who talk to me about the nightmare experiences they have had with their builders. We just haven't had one bad experience at all. We talk every day."

– Brooke

"When you're building a 24,700 square foot home, communication is the key. Every ceiling, wall, seven-car garage, pool/spa, sauna/steam room -- with every detail I want to know what's happening. I'm a hands-on guy. Garrick, at Hart Homes, and I speak frequently. When I'm traveling, Garrick assures that I receive pictures of the construction process, so that I can stay connected to the project. All the guys at Hart Homes have made this a wonderful experience. We feel like we're really getting a tremendous home for the value.​"

– Asante

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