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The Difference is in the Details

​As one of the top home building companies in Florida, HART Homes specializes in custom home construction and remodeling projects. Our luxury home builders in South Florida have completed thousands of custom built homes throughout Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

Our highly skilled team of general contractors and construction professionals is typically responsible for building dream homes for our clients. However, we also offer excellent office remodeling services at HART Homes. Serving as office remodeling contractors, our team has completed numerous office renovations for businesses based in South Florida.

Planning to renovate your business’s office space or commercial building? Choose our business office remodeling contractors to receive first-class quality customer service as well as unrivaled expertise in the following areas:

  • Office Remodeling
  • Office Renovation Project Management
  • Commercial Remodeling

Office Renovations

There are plenty of reasons to renovate your office space. The modern office continues to change as different needs and technological innovations keep redefining the role of an office space. An office renovation is an ideal opportunity to modernize and upgrade your workplace environment for the benefit of employees as well as clients.

Whether you want to create a more refreshing and contemporary aesthetic, increase functionality, or incorporate eco-friendliness and energy-efficiency into the workspace, our office remodeling contractors can meet your needs with a customized office renovation.

Office remodeling projects often come with their own unique set of challenges, and our professionals are here to help you meet those challenges. Office renovations involve modifications to the interior of a commercial building, while the exterior remains untouched. With a full understanding of our clients’ needs and the reasons behind their particular renovation project, we will start the process of rejuvenating the office space within an efficient timeline.

Typically, companies will want to avoid excessive periods of downtime while their office is undergoing a remodel. You can expect our office renovation project management team to get the job done quickly while maintaining a strong focus on safety and a strict adherence to building codes. Trust our office remodeling contractors to accommodate a wide range of renovation budgets and approach every project with the same high level of due diligence.

Commercial Remodeling

With HART Homes, renovations are not only limited to the interior of a workplace. Our builders in South Florida can also complete modifications to the exterior of a commercial building. Commercial remodeling typically involves exterior modifications and structural improvements. Whether you want your building to adhere to building code regulations or innovate your space, our commercial remodeling services can help you reach your goals.

As premier residential and commercial builders in South Florida, HART Homes not only offers first-rate custom home construction, but also business office remodeling services including office renovations and commercial remodeling. Our clients include businesses based in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, and surrounding areas. Learn how our office renovation project management team can rejuvenate your workspace by calling us at (954) 564-9434 or contacting us today!


South Florida Office Remodeling Contractors

Business Office Remodeling

With over two decades of construction and remodeling experience, Hart Homes is one of the leading luxury builders in South Florida. Our contractors are well-equipped to complete office renovations and remodeling projects.