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What is American Colonial Style Home Construction?

The American Colonial style is stately and distinguished, declaring that the owners have a solid center and traditional values. Hart Homes is a custom home builder in South Florida that specializes in American Colonial style homes for oceanfront properties, intracoastal homes, and more. Formality governs the American Colonial style. The exterior and interior of the home are traditionally arranged according to symmetry and proportion.

Style to Expect in American Colonial Home Builds

  • This style home features a centrally located entrance, hallway and staircase, with the interior rooms positioned around these features. The centered entrance is accented with columns, pilasters, a pediment, and sometimes a hood to create a covered porch.
  • The windows are typically rectangular and evenly spaced across the house’s façade. Each window is traditionally double-hung and multi-paned, typically with nine or twelve panes, featuring paneled shutters alongside each one. Home designers can choose to feature two windows on either side of the entry door, with five windows on the second floor- one directly above the entry door for a traditional American Colonial style feel. In the South, the shutters are used to welcome breezes, but prevent the sun from coming inside. 
  • The American Colonial home also features dentil moldings along the eaves. Dentil moldings are tooth-like blocks that create a more decorated roof line.
  • Pedimented dormers are key elements that distinguish the American Colonial style from any other architectural style. Dormers are the little rooms that project from a roof and allow more space and light in the top floor of your home or attic. A pediment is an architectural element, usually of triangular shape, placed above the dormer.

Custom homes stand out from the crowd. Now, you can live in the American Colonial Style home of your dreams with the help of the expert custom home builders in South Florida, HART Homes. HART Homes’ extensive home construction experience allows us to effectively revolutionize your home to match any style you desire. Early buildings in some areas of the United States reflect the architectural traditions of each colonial power that controlled those regions. Why not uphold these American traditions and build a custom American Colonial home? American Colonial home builds in South Florida are grand and illustrious. With HART Homes, you can design and create a one-of-a-kind, American Colonial home that comes with luxurious upgrades and upscale designs.

Contact us for more information on how our expert team can create a luxurious, American Colonial home in South Florida that suits your style today!

American Colonial

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