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The Difference is in the Details

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Custom home building gives you the opportunity to build a home that fits all your unique specifications. To build your dream home, your voice needs to be heard. That’s why choosing the right customer home builder is an important decision. The professionals at Hart Homes, your premier custom home builders in South Florida, have compiled a list of useful questions to ask before deciding on a custom home builder.

1. What is the ex
pected build time?

Publicized build times versus the build times written in your contract may differ dramatically. Still, getting a more accurate build time estimate is necessary especially if you are planning to rent or sell your old home before moving in. Your builder will not likely give you a specific end date. Instead, ask them for an average build timeline. Experienced custom home builders can offer an average build time based on the plans for your custom-built home.

2. Can I see homes you’ve built, or can I speak with previous clients?

A custom home builder willing to give out references and share their previous work is more reliable than one who doesn’t. Request to speak with previous clients or tour some of the completed custom-built homes in their portfolio. This way, you can get a better sense of the finished product to be expected from the builder you’re considering. Find out the quality of their customer service from previous clients.

3. How can I make changes to the building plans?

Even if you’ve planned every aspect of your custom-built home with your builder and agreed on all options before construction, you may change your mind on things once build process starts. In those cases, you’ll want a flexible custom home builder. Making changes to new construction can increase build times and costs. So, it’s best to find out the process by which your potential builder amends building plans or alters contracts in the middle of construction.

4. What access will I have to you and my home during the build process?

You’ll want to check on the progress on your custom-built home and monitor the build process without being disruptive. That’s why you should know up front when you may be able to tour through your home as its being constructed. You should also know the type of communication you can expect from your builder. Find out when they’ll be reaching out to you and how you can contact them, should the need arise.

Deciding on which builder will construct your dream home is a difficult decision to make, Hart Homes can make it easier. Hart Homes, your custom home builder in South Florida, has over 28 years of experience. Trust us to bring your dream home to life.

Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

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